History in the Making

Amarillo Senior Citizens Association (ASCA) center was founded to provide a community focal point for the delivery of services to older adults. With the combined efforts of several community leaders and Mary E. Bivins who truly believed in improving the lives of older adults, Amarillo Senior Citizens became a reality in 1973.

The pieces of the puzzle to create a multi-purpose facility for older adults came together when community leaders Bill Saxton, who was administrator of the Bivins Foundation at the time and Mike McQueen who was with the Panhandle Community Action Program, put their heads together to see this idea come to fruition.

Another piece of the puzzle was the availability of part of the old Amarillo High School building just acquired by Amarillo College. The Bivins Foundation pledged money to hire a director and support staff to get the program off the ground. In July 1973, headquarters were established in the offices of the old AHS band room at 1311 S. Tyler with Mike McQueen serving as the first Executive Director.

By 1976, Amarillo Senior Citizens Association had become a multi-purpose center for senior citizens. It began as a 3-D center – dining, dominoes and dancing. Although these three D’s continue to be a big part of ASCA, today many other activities are offered on a daily basis.

Over the past 47 years, Amarillo Senior Citizens Association has experienced some very grand highs and some very devastatingly low lows. However, as the population continues to age, ASCA remains a necessary program. For the many older adults who continue to live in their own homes and live independently, ASCA provides a place for them to gather for activities and meals. The center offers several health screenings throughout the year which are either free to the members or a nominal fee. Members of the staff strive to provide programming that will keep members informed about Medicare, insurance, handling grief, reverse mortgages and other issues that can impact the life of an older adult.

Mission Statement

The mission of Amarillo Senior Citizens Association is to help senior citizens maintain independence, wellness, and quality of life through programs and services that meet their present and future needs.


Amarillo Senior Citizens Association, Inc. will be recognized as the destination of choice for senior citizens for nutrition, socialization, and improving quality of life.


Aging is a normal developmental process that brings both rewards and challenges. Older adults have ambitions and are capable of continued growth and development. They have certain basic needs, including the need for opportunities for relationships and for experiencing a sense of achievement.

ASCA Goals

  1. To increase awareness of ASCA and provide information and guidance on aging issues for seniors and their caregivers.
  2. To develop programs and services that meets the needs of a diverse population.
  3. To enhance operational efficiency through the use of technology.
  4. To provide exceptional service to individuals
  5. To ensure that seniors are treated with dignity and protected against abuse, exploitation, and consumer fraud.

Core Values

  • Amarillo Senior Citizens Association recognizes the following core values as necessary to the organization and the senior community and will seek to fulfill them:
  • Respect and Caring – ASCA values respect and caring for all people
  • High Quality of Life – ASCA values a high quality of life for seniors
  • Trust – ASCA values trust of all members and staff members
  • Fiscal Soundness – ASCA values the ability and opportunity to provide long range support for members
  • Opportunity – ASCA values the opportunity to involve, enrich and inform area seniors.
  • Professionalism – ASCA staff values serving the members and guests in a professional and courteous manner.